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The following are examples from Alfredo's commercial design portfolio.
Contact Alfredo directly to discuss comissioned designs.

These four examples are CD covers designed for recording artist, Jennifer Rose, since 1996. With the exception of the image on the lower left, Alfredo was the photographer as well as the graphic designer.


Designed for ArteVida International Folk Festival in 2000. This logo is designed for use on letterhead, T-shirts, banners and website.



Two business cards designed for Lane Taylor of Carey Lane Salon in Richmond. The logo at right is also designed for letterhead and uniform use.



Left: "One Nation Under God" design for T-shirts

Right: T-shirt design for Berea's Danish Gymnastics program



Two tour T-shirt designs for Berea College Country Dancers


All images on this page are now property of the company for which the designs were created, and are used by permission.
Any unauthorized reproduction of these images is unlawful.

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