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Dear Visitor:
Thank you for your interest in my educational programming opportunities.  I believe that it is extremely important for professional, working artists to spend time teaching and mentoring young people; giving them encouragement in their own development as artists, and being an example of someone who is successful in a "non-mainstream" business.  I also believe that everyone is an artist - that one must simply learn to "see" the way an artist does in order to feel successful in visual arts.  I look forward to working with you.

Scroll down for descriptions of standard programs, or contact me to collaborate on a customized program.
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A Day with a Portrait Artist

Workshops in Basic Drawing for grades K-8
Up to five class hour workshops for individual classes, working with students in drawing human likenesses through imitation, basic caricature techniques, and four-panel cartooning.

$500 plus supplies

A Colorful Day Workshops in Basic Painting for grades 3-12
Up to five class hour workshops for individual classes, working with students in basic and intermediate painting techniques, using acrylic paints on paper or canvas boards.  Students' creations include realistic and abstract depictions of their environment and each other.

$500 plus supplies

Creating A Wall Mural
*A top 3 choice since 2000*

Five-Day to Ten-Day Residency for grades 5-12
Students create and produce a wall-size mural, from the first step of deciding the subject(s) to plotting a scale plan of the project to the final painting and unveiling of the finished product.

$1800 - $3000 plus supplies

I'm a Folk Artist

Four-Day Residency for grades 3-8
Students spend a week learning about Folk Art and Folk Artists and discovering the folk artist within themselves. Emphasis is placed on Appalachian and Latin Folk Art.

$1500 plus supplies

Graphic Arts in the Music Industry

Five-Day Residency for grades 5-12
Students create their own Compact Disc cover, with song titles, run times, project and band names, and creative graphics.  This project incorporates math, creative writing, graphic art and music, and is a great tie-in to a joint project with language arts, music, and multimedia, where students can create actual songs to include on their CD.

$1800 plus supplies

Creating Cultural Theater
*A top 3 choice since 2000*

Five-Day Residency with two artists for up to 100 students, 5-8.  
Students work together to create and produce a comedy about rural Kentucky life in the 1940's, using as a springboard their own prior research in the local history of their geographic area.  Concepts in dance, music, art and theater are addressed.

$2500 plus supplies

"Mi Vida"
Puzzle Mural
*A top 3 choice since 2005*

Five-Day Residency for grades 5-12.  
Using Alfredo's own "Mi Vida" mural as an inspiration, students draw from their own life experience to create a work of art that illustrates their personal story. Each individual painting is done on a piece of wood custom-cut into the shape of a puzzle piece, and each piece fits together with others in jigsaw puzzle style to create a larger work made up of individual life story paintings. Participants young and old have marveled at the "magic" this experience creates.

$1800 plus supplies

Note: Schools booking Alfredo Escobar and Jennifer Rose for the same time period will receive a significant discount. Contact us for details. Also not that prices listed above do not include travel & lodging.

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