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Welcome to the web-gallery of Alfredo Escobar's acrylic paintings.
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21st Century Woman

What is it like to be a woman today? Inspired by the lives of Alfredo's wife and other 21st century women, Alfredo created this symbolic interpretation.

Acrylic on canvas


"Dali Meets Seuss"

Alfredo's worlds collide in this painting, which combines the style of Salvador Dali with children's author and illustrator, Dr. Seuss.

Acrylic on canvas


"Mano a Mano"

Alfredo was selected as one of twelve artists to paint a 6-foot hand sculpture as part of Berea, Kentucky's public art project "A Show of Hands." The hands are displayed at various locations in and around Berea.

Acrylic on Fiberglass


"Mi Vida" (detail)

The first painting in Alfredo's new style, this acrylic work describes in vivid visual detail the artist's life, from his beginnings as the youngest of 6 young children to move from Chile to the United States, to his position now as a husband and father of two beautiful daughters.

Acrylic on canvas


"The Good Book" (detail)

It has long been Alfredo's aim to create works of art that viewers have to spend time taking in. He has achieved that goal with this painting, which tells visually the stories of the Bible, from Creation to Crucifixion. Its seven feet of length are packed with intricate and vividly colored stories.

Acrylic on canvas



No two people have the same interpretation of where this might be, what might be happening, and whether or not they have ever been there. Inspired by the CS Lewis Narnia books, this painting is meant to be exactly what it is - a mystery.

Acrylic on canvas



There are many places where the vibrancy of life around a rocky stream bed or seashore lends itself to this interpretation!

Acrylic on canvas

FERN3.JPG (18986 bytes)


Perhaps the subject of this painting would not recognize herself at first glance.  In fact, "Fern" started out as a detailed portrait, but she took a turn for the whimsical after Alfredo finished her eyes.  Is she enjoying a sunset in this painting, or turning away from the destruction of her eastern Kentucky mountains?  You decide.

Acrylic on canvas

Nis1.jpg (36913 bytes)


After completing a pencil portrait of this subject, Alfredo felt that Nis' personality might be better portrayed in vivid color.  For more information on Nis himself, and to view the graphite portrait, visit Alfredo's illustrator pages

Acrylic on canvas

Cow1.jpg (43358 bytes)


"Black and White Cow"
A surprise gift for Alfredo's wife, Jennifer, who loves scenes like this one.  This unsuspecting black and white cow was grazing peacefully in a field in Northern Denmark when Alfredo stopped the car and took her picture.

Acrylic on Canvas

Please contact Alfredo directly to discuss comissioned work.

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